Pavel Mervart Publishing Society for the History of Sciences and Technology

Editorial Staff

  • The editors and the editorial board are responsible for the selection of articles to be published in the journal.
  • In evaluating articles, the editors and editorial board are guided only by the content of the article, without regard to the race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship or political views of the authors.
  • The editors and the editorial board are subject to the laws governing defamation, copyright infringement and plagiarism.
  • The editorial board provides information about submitted manuscripts only to their authors, reviewers, potential reviewers, and members of the editorial board.
  • Unpublished manuscripts may not be used by any member of the editorial board or editorial office without the express permission of the author.


  • Authors are responsible for the originality of their work. All use of other authors' works must be accompanied by an exact citation and/or appropriate bibliographical reference.
  • Parallel submission of the same manuscript to more than one journal is considered an ethical breach and as such it is unacceptable.
  • In the event that an author discovers one or more serious errors in the argumentation, citations or bibliographic references of his/her manuscript after submission to the editors, he/she is obliged to report this to the editors immediately and to cooperate in making corrections.
  • The author is obliged to incorporate corrections to his/her manuscript as suggested by the reviewers within the time limit agreed with the journal editors.


  • Reviewers assist the editorial office and the editorial board in deciding on the inclusion of specific studies.
  • The editorial board may convey the suggestions of individual reviewers to the authors of the relevant studies.
  • Any reviewer approached who does not feel competent to review a particular study or who cannot produce a review within a reasonable time is required to notify the editorial board.
  • All manuscripts submitted to the editorial office that are undergoing the review process are considered confidential documents. Disclosure of all or any part of their contents or any other information to third parties is not permitted without the express permission of the author.
  • Reviews must be conducted objectively. Personal criticism of the author is not allowed.
  • The reviewers will clearly explain their criticisms, if any, of the manuscript and support them with appropriate arguments.
  • Reviewers shall cite relevant publications of which they are aware and which have not been cited by the author. A statement that any part of the manuscript under review or any of its arguments have been published should be supported by a relevant citation and reference.
  • The reviewer is also obliged to point out the substantial similarity of the text under review to any other text of which he or she is aware.
  • Neither the content of unpublished studies nor any part of it may be used by the reviewer without the express permission of the author. Similarly, any information obtained during the review process may not be used by the reviewer.
  • In selecting reviewers, the editorial board ensures that the reviewer is not an employee of the same department as the author or one of the co-authors of the manuscript under review, or in any other way in conflict of interest with the author of the manuscript under review.