Pavel Mervart Publishing Society for the History of Sciences and Technology

Zuzana Schierová:
The Paedological Institute in Prague

2023, Volume 56, Issue 1-2, pp. 28-51


The Czech Lands were one of the first regions of Europe where the research of children began and they have preserved the tradition to this day. This study maps the history of the Institute of Pedology in Prague and its organizational and research development. The establishment of the institute is associated with three important men – František Čáda, Jan Dolenský and Jindřich Matiegka. Even though the original paedological institute disappeared, other institutes continued its work and research to this day. Data obtained from the time of its operation provide the basic standards that are used in today’s pediatrics.


History of Paedology; Jindřich Matiegka; Karel Herfort; Jan Dolenský; František Čáda; Child Study in Bohemia and Moravia

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