Pavel Mervart Publishing Society for the History of Sciences and Technology

Gustav Novotný:
Episodes from the establishment of agricultural education in Moravia. The agronomist Jan Adamec and his contemporaries and followers

2023, Volume 56, Issue 1-2, pp. 52-86


This contribution presents four teachers of the Provincial Secondary School of Business in Přerov, who have also spent parts of their career as chairs at universities and technical universities or in agricultural research. The agronomist Jan Adamec (1855–1925), apart from his engangement in central Moravia, also taught cooperative business and business science at the department of businees at the Agricultural University (Vysoká škola zemědělská, nowadays Mendel University) in Brno (1920–1925), the agronomist Jan Vaňha (1858–1911) was a Privatdozent in Vienna and later led the Provincial Research Institute for Agriculture in Brno (1899–1911). The third of the professionals discussed here, the agronomist Vratislav Stöhr (1873–1918), in parallel with his teaching at the school in Přerov, taught encyclopedia of field economics at the Czech Technical University (Česká vysoká škola technická, nowadays Vysoké učení technické) in Brno (1912–1914). The practical and theoretical surveyor and geometer Alois Tichý (1879–1958) was asked to leave Přerov and join the forestry department of Brno agricultural university, where he worked for the following three decades and where he was appointed both professor and director of the geodesy institute and where he also held other academic positions.


history of agriculture; biographies; secondary agricultural schools Přerov and Brno, Moravia

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