Pavel Mervart Publishing Society for the History of Sciences and Technology

Ivo Purš, Vladimír Karpenko:
Alchemy in the Czech lands III. Alchemical search during the reign of Rudolf II.

2023, Volume 56, Issue 1-2, pp. 9-27


Rudolfine era is known as the highest flourish of alchemy in the Czech lands; many outstanding personalities were active in the surrounding of the emperor and in service of the aristocracy. Broad interests of these figures reached from the expected transmutational alchemy to medicinal aspects of this science. Not less important were studies in geology and botany. Particular attention is paid to the emperor’s interests, to his attitude toward alchemists and scholars at his court. Some of these men are introduced in more detail, including Michael Sendivogius, Oswald Crollius, Michael Maier, Anselm Boëtius de Boodt, and problematic Edward Kelly. Abramo Colorni, court Jew, is characterized in detail because of his extraordinary position at the court. Tadeáš Hájek represents Czech scholars.


history of alchemy; transmutation; Rudolf II; Maier; Sendivogius; Kelly; Colorni; de Boodt; Hájek

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