Pavel Mervart Publishing Society for the History of Sciences and Technology

Andreas Kleinert:
Anton Lampa: The man who brought Einstein to Prague

2021, Volume 54, Issue 3-4, pp. 188-198


Anton Lampa: The man who brought Einstein to Prague: Lampa had studied
physics in Vienna and became full professor of physics at the German university of
Prague in 1909. He was a pioneer in producing and measuring short electromagnetic
waves. Strongly influenced by Ernst Mach, he considered Einstein’s theory of special
relativity as a triumph of Mach’s philosophy. Therefore, he supported Einstein as
a candidate for the chair of theoretical physics at his university. In the conflict
between Czechs and Germans, he openly supported the ambitions of the German-
speaking minority in Bohemia. In 1919, he returned to Vienna where he served as
a promotor of adult education and public librarianship.


Anton Lampa – Albert Einstein – German university in Prague – theory
of relativity – Ernst Mach – Czech-German conflict – public education

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